Welcome to Midwest Frac

Midwest Frac is a supplier of high quality Northern Wisconsin coarse sand for hydraulic fracturing. We're partnered with one of the largest and most state of the art dry plant facilities in North America. Our high crush, coarse Wisconsin sand is becoming one of the most sought after products in the industry.

"Environmentally mindful, sustainable energy solutions with a positive community impact."


Midwest Frac owns and operates it’s own mine and wash plant along with our in-house trucking company. We are one of the fe frac sand mining companies that does the process from A-Z. We are able to assure that quality never gets sacrificed along with getting out shipments in a timely fashion. We understand the importance of our relationships with our customers and never take them for granted. We are extremely blessed with great employees and have established great relationships with our communities that we are involved with. Being locally owned and operated truly has it’s benefits, and we are extremely happy to be working in the place that we’ve always called home.

We’re located in Western Barron county near Turtle Lake, Wisconsin.


We are fortunate to be able to have such pure and coarse product coming right out of our mine. Over 75% of our raw material is between 16 and 50 mesh. This allows us to have very little waste and allows us to produce more material efficiently and in a quality manner.

High Quality 20/40
Our high quality 20/40 is extremely sought after and has a crush strength of up to 8K (Proptester Report)

High Quality 30/50
Our high quality 30/50 is in high demand and has a crush strength of up to 9K (Proptester Report)

High Quality 40/70
Our high quality 40/70 has crush strength of up to 11K and is great for the natural gas and oil play. (Proptester Report)


Located at the end of 40 miles of newly placed rail on the Canadian National Railway we can stage up to 300 railcars and can accommodate unit trains to help be assist in being as efficient as possible in the delivery process. Prices quoted are FOB Clinton Plant in customer supplied railcars although we are able to deliver you full package pricing to end site. Our relationships with other rail companies and storage sites along with other logistic specialists will ensure that our customers receive not only quality product, but also in a timely and efficient manner.


Midwest Frac acknowledges the importance of good will and moral obligations to our communities and its people. Midwest Frac has been involved with our communities and neighbors and is establishing a Goodwill Board to help oversee not only the needs or our local communities and organizations, but the importance of helping our society move forward and grow through the many church organizations and people willing to serve God’s kingdom for His glory. We are establishing scholarship funds for the local graduates under our Midwest Frac Community Scholarship Fund. A number of scholarships will be given out to School Districts in Western Wisconsin each year.

For goodwill request or special needs please email us at community@midwestfrac.com and our board will do its best to fulfill the needs of our communities, families, and organizations. '


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